Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped support the Youth who went on the Mission Trip to Pawleys Island, SC, July 6-14, 2019.
The Mission Trip was packed with hard work, obstacles, communication, dedication, and being cooperative with one another. Perseverance really pays off! We made big improvements on the the deck, did a devotional skit for the local kids, and got to expand our relationships with these area kids through games and writing some prayers down with them. We prayed with them that they would know the love that Jesus has for them, no matter what their situation in life is. Some come from very unstable homes and we are very blessed to be able to show them the love and attention that can be found through Christ Jesus! 

Our group: 11 students and 5 Adults
Beginning each morning with a Bible Study and Meeting to go over the day's events
Building a deck for a local family

Devotional skit for local kids 

connecting and having fun with local children 
Making friends 
Writing prayers